Room Reveal – My Sister’s Bedroom

My sister is now in her senior year in high school, while her bedroom is still very much 13 years old. She wanted something a little more grown up, yet still young and fun, to come home to every night.

Here’s what it looked like before:

I apologize, she lives like a hamster. The walls were two different shades of blue, and her room was assorted with little palm trees and pictures from Hawaii, reflecting a beach theme. Growing up we spent half of our childhood at the beach; these days things aren’t much different, and she even bought a surfboard a couple years back that incorporated perfectly into her room.

However, the room was a little too themed. It felt childish, immature, and she was ready for something new.


This was the first time I’ve ever done black walls. I was beyond excited to try it, despite the skepticism I got from everyone, including the lady who sold me the two galloons. But “Black Suede” by Behr proved to be not only a great accent wall, but a great color for the whole room. I’m ecstatic with how it turned out.

The two bird candle holders, lamp, and floor pillow are all from Pier 1 Imports. The chest is an old piece from my parent’s room that they were getting rid of. It’s an antique from the Chicago Cabinet Works in 1926, and though the drawers are a little squeaky, it’s in beautiful condition for being 84 years old. The painting is my own; I did it a couple months back and had no where to hang it until now.

This painting is also my own. I love making pieces like this; a simple manipulation of paint can so easily look bold and dramatic, and I think it adds a nice dose of excitement to the feel of the room. The wicker balls and bowl on top of her chest are from TJ Maxx.

Her closet, as you can see in the “before” pictures, was absolute madness. I grouped clothes together by color and pattern.

The bedspread is from Urban Outfitters, and the pillows are from Target. The stuffed animal elephant is my sister’s from her childhood.

Her back wall is by far my favorite part of the whole room. I found the Keep Calm poster on Etsy, and the other pieces she had lying around from previous room themes. Some sandying and white gesso made them as good as new.

Doing Chelsea’s room was definetely a process of experimentation, taking risks, and going with your gut. Though that first black wall was a little scary, I think everything really came together as a whole, but more importantly, my sister loves it. ♥

8 thoughts on “Room Reveal – My Sister’s Bedroom

  1. Chelsea’s room looks amazing, and I am most definately blessed with incredible daughters. Thank you for being so generous with your God-given talent! I love you!

  2. Your such a thoughful and talented young lady. I’m so lucky to know you and your family. Nice job. Put me on this to decorate my whole house. Like Kim I am not talented in this area…..however, and you will love this. About two months ago I painted one wall in my master bedroom black. It’s the black chalk paint and I use it put names of people I need to pray for so I don’t forget at night. Your nanna is on that wall. Love you bunches. Haley

  3. I CANNOT believe that Chels’ room looked like the before picture!!!!!! :-) I also can’t believe that she let you post the pictures. How in the world did she find anything??? I love what you did with her room. It looks very grown up and absolutamente fabuloso! (lil’ spanish lesson for you!) You are so talented, sweet girl! I need you for my living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom, the hallway, both bathrooms… well – that was basically every room except the garage and the boys’ rooms. They aren’t ready for a change in their rooms yet (I tried)! Take care of Chels this weekend! I will miss her Sunday!

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  5. You did such an amazing job on your sister’s room! I wish you could come decorate my house because I’m awful with style and decorating. I also love your blog! You are very creative. I still have a painting you did that my mom bought at one of ya’lls youth garage sales.

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