Room Reveal – My Mother’s Office

My mother is the director of a Christian preschool in my hometown of Jacksonville. As much as she loves her job, the space she was working in was not so… pretty. After asking for my help with redorating it, I couldn’t have said yes fast enough.


And After:

Grey walls, bright accessories, black guest chairs from Ikea, and new carpet, installed by me and my father all by ourselves. Let me tell you, carrying in new furniture and installing carpet is hard work. But all well worth it.


I wanted to embrace the fact that her office is at a preschool, and so I incorporated some “school-days” nostalgias into the room.  A jar of crayons, an alphabet chart, and the use of primary colors left the room professional but child-friendly as well.

I was thrilled to be able to to this for my mother, and I really wanted her workspace to be something she liked. She more than deserves it, and I hope she loved it

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