Better Days.

When something is looked forward to for so long, I often find myself dissapointed when the moment finally presents itself, and it doesn’t live up to my expectations. This is not, and probably will never be, the case when it comes to our condo down here. My surroundings are as beautiful as ever, the weather has never felt so perfect, and the one person I wanted to be here more than anyone else is in fact here… my Gammy. She is not the same person she was back in December… she lost her hair, she lost some weight… and she lost her cancer. My Gammy is now cancer free, with new stem cells, and a new found appreciation for life and love. This week we will be celebrating her second chance at life… I couldn’t think of a better place to do so than here.


One thought on “Better Days.

  1. so happy you enjoyed the weekend, looking forward to coming down Friday to spend the day…working my fannie off her trying to get caught up on chores and projects to completion…speaking of which, looks like Palm Coast built a new dock on the inter-coastal from your pictures??
    Have a great week at school and see you soon, love Dad.

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