Desk Savvy.

As I’ve began packing up my room to move to the city for the summer, I can’t help but notice some areas that are lacking inspiration. I’ve finally got my bedding (a white, down duvet with pinstriped pillows and fur throw,) in a state I’m content with, my bathroom is complete with a West Elm chevron rug and Anthropologie brocade towels, but my desk is…. a mess. Magazine and article clippings, school work, dryer out highlighters and a long gone candle, it could use some love. Here are some desk top goodies I’m loving from around the web that I think could spruce up any desk gone drab.

1. Silk Peonies (they look unmistakably real, but they’ll never die!): $350
2.Madewell Timeless Eyeglasses: $134
3. Magnifying Glass: $20
4. Black Globe: $79.95
5. Jewelry Stand: $34
6. Vintage Map Notebook: $16
7. Mason Jar with Wooden Pencils
8. Wood Bookends: $148

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