Kayaking on the Hudson.

Saturday morning Chris and I headed down to Pier 96 to kayak on the Hudson after an irrefutable longing for sun and water drove me to google what my options were in NYC. That’s been by far the hardest part of living in the city this summer, as the 20 summers I’ve experienced prior to have all involved the smell of sunscreen and salt water, but as we made the walk from the sub to the dock I could already feel my spirits lightening. It was a beautiful day, and after attempting to stay dry in the kayak (and failing,) we laid out on the dock before returning home to get ready for a night out including a wonderful dinner and a show.

One thought on “Kayaking on the Hudson.

  1. Looks like a beautiful day on the Hudson, I’d like to try paddling here!
    And I hope to secure a magazine internship (any, really) in the city next summer as well (I was too slow in applying this past year). I’ll have to check out more of your posts, seems we have a few things in common.

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