Teen Vogue’s 10 Year Anniversary: Chloe’s Sweet 16.


Thursday night I got to be part of an event that was by far the most amazing experience I’ve had as an intern yet. This is a big year for Teen Vogue as we celebrate a decade on the newsstands, so when planning on how to the celebrate the big 10, Teen Vogue decided to throw our March cover girl, Chloe Grace Moretz, a sweet 16 birthday bash in collaboration with Aeropostale, who the starlet is now a brand ambassador for. As I started my internship just a month before the party was set to happen, my over-seerers and planners of the night, Lindsay Leaf and Kelly Mytrowitz, gave me the responsibility of tracking the guest list and updating RSVPs as they came in.




There was more than one occasion my heart caught in my chest as celebrity after celebrity entered the doors, but to name a few in attendance: Julianne Moore (LOVE her,) Holland Roden, Victoria Justice, Sarah Hyland… It was also really special to interact with all of the It Girls we invited. They were all SO excited, and it made me remember how proud I was to work at a magazine that does so much for teen girls.


More than anything though, I still can not get over how amazing everything came together because of the people who worked so hard to plan the event.  I have already learned so much from them, have so much respect for them, and I cannot thank them enough for letting me be so involved, and for trusting me with so much, for such a big night for Teen Vogue. Here’s to another 10 successful years for you, Teen Vogue! ♥


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