Wish List.


Now that I’ve officially decided to fly home for Easter weekend, the thought of Florida has my heart set on warm weather. I took advantage of my day-off yesterday by spending the morning in bed browsing the web for what some of my go-to stores (aka: college-budget-friendly stores,) had in mind for temps above 50 degrees, and let’s just say I spent the rest of the day dreaming about Chris’s beach house and dinner & gelato at the European Village in Palm Coast.

1. Madewell Speckled Calf-Hair Wedge: $138
2. J.Crew Summer Striped Straw Hat: $39.50
3. Zara Cape-Sleeve Yellow Dress: $89.90
4. J.Crew Linen Scarf: $49.50
5. Madewell Striped Downton Skirt: $58
6. J.Crew Seaglass Printed Iphone Case: $25
7. Gap Leather Ballet Flats: $39.95
8. Madewell Hepcat Shades: $55
9. Zara Combination High Heel: $49.90
10. J.Crew “French Martini” Lipstick: $20
11. J.Crew Crystal Circle Necklace: $135

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