Salty Kisses.


I leave the city to go home for the summer two weeks from today. Considering I was here interning last summer with Marie Claire, I missed my usual Florida summers spent poolside or at the beach, (though I did manage one beach trip to Rockaway,) so I’m excited to be getting back. I keep thinking of that Dirty Heads song, Lay Me Down: “It’s just tequila and the beach, that’s why its salty when we kiss.” Tequila, beach, salty kisses… dreamy. Considering it’s still infuriatingly cold here (WHERE ARE YOU SPRING?!) here are a few things I can’t wait to purchase when I get home. See you soon Florida.

1. Ray Ban Flash Lense Aviators: $160
2. Printed Crop Top: $29.90
3. Tie Dye Strappy Maxi Dress: $118
4. MARC by Marc Jacobs Skeleton Watch: $175
5. Metallic Rhinestone Sandals: $79.90
6. Photo-print Bikini Bottoms: $19.90
7. Photo-print Bikini Top: $19.90
8. MARC by Marc Jacobs ID Bracelet: $88
9. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray: $25

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