Pretend Graduations.


My family was in Orlando this weekend to celebrate what we kept calling my “pretend graduation.” I took my last college final on Friday, so though my degree audit will shortly be changing from ‘student’ to ‘graduate,’ the ceremony is not held until later in the month, and as I’ll be back in New York in just a few short days, we decided to celebrate a little early rather than skipping it altogether. My family arrived on Saturday and immediately made everything feel special… every magazine I’ve been published in, my portfolio, and cupcakes took over my dining room, while the cutest decorations hung all about my living room.

The girls took me shopping after lunch while the boys played golf, followed by dinner and wine at Dexter’s where I was given the most beautiful necklace and pair of earrings from one of my favorite jewelry lines out of New York, Vale. Looking back on these pictures, I can’t feel anything other than gratitude for the people in them, and almost utter sadness at the thought of moving so far from them.. Come visit me soon. <3




3 thoughts on “Pretend Graduations.

  1. how special! Was thinking how awesome those heels were till I read the stabbing part- ouch! Congratulations, on both graduating and starting this next chapter.

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